Thai Mukda Thai Restaurant

Thai Restaurant on the Isle of Wight

The Thai Mukda is an authentic Thai restaurant in Shanklin, Isle of Wight.

Previously known as the Siam Pearl the Thai Mukda is proud to offer the flavours of Thailand to the Isle of Wight, this Thai Restaurant based in Shanklin Isle of Wight has everything you could ever imagine from a Thai Restaurant. The newly opened family run business is the perfect place for you to come and enjoy some authentic Thai Cuisine with some family and friends, our extensive Thai Menus and flavours will leave you wanting more each and every time.

As mentioned above the Thai Mukda used to be known as the Siam Pearl Thai restaurant, located on the Shanklin Highstreet this restaurant stands out from the crowd with such a beautiful front of house and even more beautiful food inside… When it comes to authentic cuisine from different cultures it can be difficult to find the tastes that you would find in the country itself. This Thai Restaurant is extremely talented and experienced when it comes to the Thai Culture, with a family born and raised in Thailand they bought their expertise and love for food over to the Isle of Wight so they can share the culture that they love so dear.

Our Suppliers & Restaurant

Not only do we share our love for Thai Cuisine with our customers but where possible we source our ingredients from local suppliers ensuring that we use only the freshest and most delicious ingredients in your meals. Our head Chef has over 25 years of Thai Cuisine under his belt and it’s this paired with our driven staff that allows us to offer the 5 Star rated service you’ll receive at the restaurant.

Whether you’re just visiting the island on holiday or are a resident of Shanklin, we welcome all to come down to our Thai Restaurant for a taste of the authentic Thai culture. We have a wide range of exquisite dishes to choose from on our menus, if you’re looking for some inspiration or recommendations then ask one of staff members what their favourite Thai meal is!

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What are you waiting for? If you’ve been eager to try Thai food or have tried it before and want more, the Thai Restaurant that you’ve been waiting for is now open and ready to take you on a journey through the traditions and culture of Thailand. You can book a table at the Thai Mukda by giving us a call to reserve your table for the evening. We guarantee that our staff and our exceptional Thai food will make your evening run smoothly.

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