At the Thai Mukda restaurant we are lucky enough to be host to a range of local and national leading suppliers in the industry. Below is a list of some of the suppliers that you will get to taste the works of when you book a table.

  • Singha Beer – Singha Corporation who created one of Thailands leading beers is part of the Boon Rawd Brewery. They aim to provide a tasteful and refreshing beer for those in any situation, if it be at the football game or in a local bar or restaurant. Singha Beer is there to keep you cool and refreshed when the heat gets too much! Visit their website
  • Bulmers – Bulmers is known for its extensive range of ciders that come in a range of tropical and fruity flavours. With the first ever Bulmers Cider being made way back in 1887 the company has been around for a good few years! With time comes experience and Bulmers have spent the last 100+ years refining the taste of their Cider that we all know and love. Visit their website
  • Ale of Wight – One of the local pleasures on the Isle of Wight is the renowned Ale of Wight brewed up by the brewery Goddards. This refreshing blonde ale comes with a zesty taste and smell from the combination of citruses and other ingredients. If you’re new to the area or just out for a drink, this is an ale you Need to try! Visit their website
  • J20 – J20 is one of the in-house non alcoholic drinks that we supply, housing the most loved and requested orange & passion fruit J20 original. If you’re driving after your evening out or just aren’t in the mood for one of our Beers or Ales then an ice cold J20 may be the drink of choice for the evening! Visit their website
  • Becks – The internationally known German brand Becks is one of our most loved beers with the locals, there’s something that is just right when it comes to German brewed beer and it’s not something easily described. We would recommend grabbing a bottle or two and giving it ago, see if you can explain the world renowned taste of Becks!
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